Friday, July 20, 2007


Some words, I believe, have a certain magic power. Even if you are not a mystical-type person, I think you might agree. Most religions, for example, will have at least one word with enough umpf to speak to the soul: Amen; Shalom; Tao. Even cultures have such words, even if in colloquialisms, like, say, Phat.

I think even for those who don't have the benefit of the culturally or religiously established magical words, there are words that can personally take on a similar special meaning. In thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized that I have one of these, unique, and magical words that, for me, has a special power.


Now, you might ask "Smell?" And I would say yes, "smell." You see, what sense is more immediate than the olfactory? What other of the senses evokes memories and emotion like, well, smell? Maybe sight and sound, and even touch for the visually impaired... but I'm not talking about those senses. I'm talking about smell.

So next time you are in a situation where another of the magical, spiritual, or otherwise special words might be appropriate, I challenge you to replace that word with smell. Its worth a try.

May the smell be with you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another entry

This is another blog entry. And I'm just writing about stuff. Things on my mind; I'm just getting things written down. Putting it in words.

I don't have time for no myriad discussions. I just got to write stuff; to take care of all the writing. Just getting it done.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Old Friend

An old friend asked me, in a card I received from him, for an update on my life. This is not my best sort of writing topic, but as someone else described my blog as strange, funny, but strange (you know who you are), I think I will take this opportunity to branch out; forgive me as I scamper along.

Well, the September after the birth of Aidan, Eryn, my wife, and I moved from New York via a road trip to Portland. We moved into a house that we had already owned and rented out for a year. I landed a job with a good up-n-coming design firm in an effort to get back to my design roots in architecture (from a highly technical and production oriented 8 years). The firm has grown, as has Aidan. I see the profession in Portland taking on a transformation that started 10 years ago in the Big Apple --definitely a good thing.

Things in Portland are much tighter than they were for some obvious reasons: children, smaller city, and one income. But we are managing despite this, and have even been able to remodel the kitchen and the front rooms (though neither are yet completed).

Soon after Aidan's birth, I designed a product for a green roof (i.e. a roof with plants on it) that I decided to investigate as a potential patentable invention. Encouraged by some positive responses from a couple different directions, I went ahead and pursued the idea and have had a patent pending since last fall. I have yet to see if it actually has any marketability, but either way, I am having fun with it.

Almost four months ago, in the midst of deadlines at work, remodeling the kitchen, working on the green roof product, and other things that have been lost in my memory of a hectic time, Austin Alexander Bagby arrived and provided our first born with a little brother. We are very happy with this little one, and like with Aidan, we decided to keep him.

Since then we have been taking any opportunity to stabilize our life. As the two little boys get faster, Eryn and I are trying to go a little slower; at least for now.

We miss New York, but have had the opportunity to return twice already. It will be tough in the next little while, but another visit is always on our mind. My parents have been out here three times; once after our move, once for Aidan's first birthday, and once for Austin's birth day. My sister and brother, and their families, will be out in early August, which we are looking forward to.