Friday, June 29, 2007

The Domestic Cockroach

I read about the domestic cat today. Apparently they (you know, they. They appear and disappear. They tell you things and, in return, you tell your friends, your family, whoever. They know so, so, much) have discovered through genetic analysis that the domestic cat has come from a near eastern variety of the wild cat (did you know that there were a few varieties of these small felines throughout the world?). The most interesting part of the theories surrounding this new discovery is that the cat, and not humans, did the domesticating. Yes, that's right. Unlike the dog, which we still think was domesticated intentionally by people for their own purposes, the cat was apparently clever enough to know an opportunity when it saw it. 10,000 years ago, in line with the newly created storage of wheat and other grains, the cat increased their importance by protecting these human stores from rats, mice and other rodents.

Well, long story short, the cat became a furry friend that still maintains some remarkable independence (unlike the dog). They've won our hearts and people love the independent and friendly disposition of the, now, modern house cat. Based on my reading I have developed a new theory: the domestic cockroach. I predict that 10,000 years from now the cockroach will become a prized human companion. I know, sounds disgusting, but think about it. Cockroach shows (who will be Best In Show this year, the Mexican flying, blattella gemanica, or that always lovable waterbug) will highlight the favorites of over 3600 species. Instead of bombing our houses and apartments with noxious toxins, we will feed and embrace the wonderful cockroach. We will thow additional scraps to the floor at dinner and welcome them to our beds and easy chairs!

Some of you out there may be a little skeptical of my idea, but think about it. Based on the new discovery of what was probably thought of as a pesky dirty wild animal, the Felis Catus, we can easily surmise that the ubiquitous and, possibly useful, cockroach may be a favorite in the well, distant, future. The cockroach has many uses that today, because of our hateful biases, are overlooked. Some of the benefits include: cleaning up after dinner; scaring away annoying elderly neighbors; company for the lonely?

These are potentially a few of the thousands of benefits to the under appreciated abundant species of cockroach. Only the future may will tell, but heed my words. I predict that, someday, someone will look back and say, "hey that guy was right."


eryn said...

you know you are really funny. i like that about you. plus, you are cute.

Querida said...

Thanks for writing this.