Thursday, August 9, 2007


Top 10 reasons I like my Vespa?

1. It's barely fast enough to legally go on the highway, yet slow enough to annoy everyone on the highway.
2. Traffic is basically a slalom.
3. Red lights are more like guidelines. A suggestion, if you will.
4. The little beep may not be useful as a warning, but it can really piss people off!
5. No downshifting, but it's light enough I can walk it up steep slope on a snowy day; given I have good shoes.
6. It has a kick start. So, if I lose my keys or run out of gas, I can kick start it. Though, the manual mentions that this can damage the engine, and, if I can kick start it, basically anyone, at anytime, can. This one is not so much a benefit, but it seemed really cool when I bought it.
7. Nothing is more fun than watching the full-service station guys top off my tank to an even $4.00.
8. It doesn't take much to go from 0 to, well, around 55 (60 on a down slope). I love being able to beat every SUV at the red light challenge. You know they hate it.
9. If I can fit between construction cones, the street's open.
10. All the world is my parking space.