Thursday, August 9, 2007


Top 10 reasons I like my Vespa?

1. It's barely fast enough to legally go on the highway, yet slow enough to annoy everyone on the highway.
2. Traffic is basically a slalom.
3. Red lights are more like guidelines. A suggestion, if you will.
4. The little beep may not be useful as a warning, but it can really piss people off!
5. No downshifting, but it's light enough I can walk it up steep slope on a snowy day; given I have good shoes.
6. It has a kick start. So, if I lose my keys or run out of gas, I can kick start it. Though, the manual mentions that this can damage the engine, and, if I can kick start it, basically anyone, at anytime, can. This one is not so much a benefit, but it seemed really cool when I bought it.
7. Nothing is more fun than watching the full-service station guys top off my tank to an even $4.00.
8. It doesn't take much to go from 0 to, well, around 55 (60 on a down slope). I love being able to beat every SUV at the red light challenge. You know they hate it.
9. If I can fit between construction cones, the street's open.
10. All the world is my parking space.


Edward said...

Vepa's are for sisys!

Edward said...

Hey, Vespa's are cool! And learn how to spell sissies.

Edward said...

Crap. I didn't know all the comments would post as coming from me. I was trying to create the appearance of a dynamic and engaging conversation in hopes that others would join in the fray.

Panayou said...

vespas are for sissies.. hand crank.. what were you thinking?

Write more blogs.. and your little wife too!

Panayou said...

sorry meant kick start.. what were you thinking?

it would have helped to read your post again after almost a month of reading it the last time

where are your daily musings? daily is the key word in that sentence